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CPVC Pipe Manufacturer in Rajkot. TRANSITION FITTINGS & JOINTS : Special transition fittings or joints are used whenever CPVC piping is connected to a metal valve, fittings, or other appurtenance such as a filter, or to parts made of another plastic. These special transition fittings can have many forms. One common form is the true union with a metal end and a CPVC end held together with a plastic or metal gland nut and having an elastomeric seal between them. Other forms are the flanged joint, the grooved joint, insert molded metal in CPVC fittings, patented push-on type fittings and finally the CPVC female threaded adapter with an elastomeric seal at the bottom of the thread. The later fittings are designed so that they have no thread interference and rely entirely on the elastomeric seal for water tightness. They require only minimal torque to attain an adequate seal.
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